Koh Samui has all the trappings of a newly anointed island of the moment.

Blessed with tropical climes, tantalizing azure waters and a jungle-draped interior, the natural beauty of this lush vastly unspoilt island, has fast gained a reputation across lands near and far. Becoming a spectacular ‘Robinson Crusoe’ holiday destination, with a reputation for tropical luxury infused with Thai charm.

The earliest modern-day visitors had arrived just a quarter-century before, in the late sixties. When Samui was a rustic frontier land, with 35,000 acres of dense rainforest ringed by a few modest villages and lovely stretches of sand. Roads were dirt tracks, the island’s main trade was in coconuts, there were no hotels and those early backpacker explorers simply flopped down in hammocks on the beach.

The coconut drums began beating and as word spread and more travelers arrived, hammocks were replaced by rustic island beach huts and island life evolved. In this short history, intrigue created in travel circles, of a far eastern promise of an archipelago gem; saw the sun kissed coastlines soon peppered with luxury hotels and gorgeous high-end villas. With some ranking among the finest in Southeast Asia, Samui quickly established itself as an uber styling hot spot maintaining a broad appeal for everyone as a fantastic holiday isle waiting to be explored.